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VOTE-Contest Entries w/ links by naruto-doujinshi VOTE-Contest Entries w/ links :iconnaruto-doujinshi:naruto-doujinshi 13 0 shiawase-chan's ID by naruto-doujinshi shiawase-chan's ID :iconnaruto-doujinshi:naruto-doujinshi 67 6


+Kisame and the Fly 2+ by MorningAfterHangover +Kisame and the Fly 2+ :iconmorningafterhangover:MorningAfterHangover 34 24 Down fall - SasuNaru doujinshi by Serielle Down fall - SasuNaru doujinshi :iconserielle:Serielle 50 25 Choose_ch01_01 by Gama-Kaeru Choose_ch01_01 :icongama-kaeru:Gama-Kaeru 70 82 Kisame and Halloween by MorningAfterHangover Kisame and Halloween :iconmorningafterhangover:MorningAfterHangover 81 40 Kisame and the Fly by MorningAfterHangover Kisame and the Fly :iconmorningafterhangover:MorningAfterHangover 272 119 I luff Kisame by MorningAfterHangover I luff Kisame :iconmorningafterhangover:MorningAfterHangover 230 304 Itachi and Kisame Christmas by MorningAfterHangover Itachi and Kisame Christmas :iconmorningafterhangover:MorningAfterHangover 147 70 Bad Hair Day: InoShika by KestaTann Bad Hair Day: InoShika :iconkestatann:KestaTann 59 11 Shika drabble by lilkuma Shika drabble :iconlilkuma:lilkuma 56 45 KakaIru - Page 001 by oh-the-yaoiness KakaIru - Page 001 :iconoh-the-yaoiness:oh-the-yaoiness 315 41 SasuNaru - Page 001 by oh-the-yaoiness SasuNaru - Page 001 :iconoh-the-yaoiness:oh-the-yaoiness 732 49 Catharsis: Ghosts pg 1 by HoroshaNoKage Catharsis: Ghosts pg 1 :iconhoroshanokage:HoroshaNoKage 33 11 Doki Doki by HoroshaNoKage Doki Doki :iconhoroshanokage:HoroshaNoKage 266 96 Guess who -minicomic by Magi-K Guess who -minicomic :iconmagi-k:Magi-K 103 75 Gaara 'n Pochi by fortykoubuns Gaara 'n Pochi :iconfortykoubuns:fortykoubuns 766 123



Doujinshi Artists Unite!
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NARUTO DOUJINSHI is now under new command!!!
Please give me a chance to read all the messages and reply to them ^^
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:bulletblue:1. Title
:bulletblue:2. Main characters (and which char. has pairings if any)
:bulletblue:3. Genre (genral, comedy, yoai/yuri, hetro, drama, etc.)
:bulletblue:4. If the comic is a oneshot or ongoing.
:bulletblue:5. Direct link to the comic.
:bulletblue:6. For lengthy stories/series only: You may submit a brief summery of the story; one paragraph max.
Do not forget to indicate "SUBMISSION" in your note.

:star: :iconmorningafterhangover: :star: :party:
Message from the Owner:
Hello everyone,
I have updated the newly submitted list. These are all the entries I have received in 07. The participation has lowered. What can I say?

I can't repeat it enough:

This month's entries

:star: :iconyumechi: :star:
1) Title: A ninjas love
2) Main characters: Naruto, but almost every character has a pretty big role.
3) Genre: Romance, humor
4) Ongoing

1) Title: You're beautiful to me
2) Main characters: Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura
3) Genre: Romance
4) One shot

:star: :iconanimezirow: :star:

1) Title: A Casual Chat
2) Main charactors:  Sakura, Sasuke (pairings: SasuSaku)
3) Genre: Drama, comedy, romance
4) Oneshot
5) (link to doujin)…

:star: :icondustymcg: :star:

Title: The Secret Revealed
Main characters: Kakashi, Sasuke
Genre: Comedy
Type: Oneshot

Title: Rejected Catch-Cry
Main characters: Orochimaru, Akatsuki Kabuto
Genre: Comedy
Type: Oneshot

:star: :iconaqua-bluebell: :star:

1) Title: Narutolicious Project
2) Main characters: Sasuke and Naruto (sasunaru)
3) Genre: yaoi/ shounen-ai, crack, AU
4) Ongoing doujinshi
5) First page:… (links for the next pages are provided )
6) Summary: Naruto goes to wonderland!! Yay crossdressing all the way =D

:star: :icondrasonae: :star:

1)Title: Yurui Kusari (Loose Chains)
2)Main Characters: Sasuke, Naruto
3)Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Angst
4)Unfinished oneshot comic
5)First Page:…
Second Page:…
Third Page:…
Fourth Page:…
Fifth Page:…

:star: :iconjuusan-kika: :star:

1) Title: Last night...
2) Main characters: Sasuke Naruto
3) Genre: yoai
4) oneshot

:star: :iconangor-chan: :star:

1) Title: Another Summerfest
2) Main characters Naruto, Hinata, Neji, tenten (pairings:Naruhina-nejiten)
3) Genre : love-comedy ^^
4) link: Page 1:…
just follow the links for next pages
5) Naruto and Hinata went to a festival (as usual)... then things happened ^^

:star: :iconwolcik: :star:

1) Title - Denkoushi
2) Main characters - Denkoushi
3) Genre - (shounen)
4) Ongoing
5) <A…">Direct link to the comic</A>
6) Story about life of shinobi Denkoushi in which he grows up, falls in love, fights many fights (even against 4th Hokage)...

:star: :iconlindajing: :star:

1) Title: Lee vs Gaara
2) Main characters: Rock Lee and Gaara
3) Genre: Comedy
4) Oneshot
5) Direct link to the comic:…

:star: :iconyumechi: :star:

1) Short Sasunaru comic
2) Sasuke, Naruto
3) Yaoi, humour
4) Oneshot

:star: :iconscruffykitty: :star:

1) Naruto: Blood Inheritance
2) Main characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Ten Ten (eventually....)
3) Genre: drama, action/adventure
4) ongoing.
Use whichever you like....
6) Summary: This is an alternate story line that splits off from the original manga, "Naruto", by Masashi Kishimoto as of chapter 217, focusing on Naruto's relationship with Kyuubi and and how the daemon came to Konoha in the first place.

:star: :iconheimdalluchiha: :star:

1) Title:  Dangerous Games
2) Main characters:  Naruto, Sasuke, Naru/Sasu
3) Genre:  Drama, Romance, Shonen-ai
4) ongoing.


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